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Progress in #75Hard

After S hopped into the challenge with me, I have been consistent with it and the daily ticks in the tracking app is making me happy. I have set myself reasonable goals and just showing up is all that counts for now. And that small progress is getting me going. I am feeling way less resistance than I used to before working out, although Kayla Itsiness’ program is getting boring day by day due to repetitiveness.

People said the workout program will get more bearable as it progresses. But it does not seem to be the case. I used to be able to do 2 laps for each circuit which reduced to 1.5x and now barely 1x. I read that it could be because I am not having enough rest or food. But I am having decent food and rest. The problem maybe is I am over-exerting myself by doing express workouts even between Kayla’s program. But I enjoy those workouts because I design them myself. If there is something I know about myself is that I love variations. They keep me going. And I must do what I love or I’ll stop altogether which is no longer an option.

I do not want to see any quick results any more. Yes, the sooner I reach equilibrium, the better but I am not craving for it. I will go at a steady pace which I hopefully can maintain forever. I will pat myself on the back for at least having reduced/eliminated my added sugar intake. This was difficult before. But now not so much. Although I know I can break my habit after Aug 11, I no more feel like I will be missing a great enjoyment from my life if I quit forever either. I do love ice cream though and I will have them in moderation. No more of any other deserts though. I know realise how sugar can be addictive. I’d rather not go through the withdrawal trauma again.

Leaving oily food is another matter, mostly due to unavailability of non-oily food. I do not love cooking, you see. But I am still making it work by at least avoiding deep fried stuff. Friends are asking for Pizza party tomorrow. I first said ‘no’ but later agreed because pizza is after all not deep fried. But I will have at best a small sized pizza or half of it. Yes I can have more but I value my health more and I would love to see myself stay strong tomorrow.

Next time I sit by the beach under the blue sky, I don’t want to fake the enthrallment I am supposed to feel.